Your favourite project management tool

Tila is built by makers for designers, developers and project managers. Create your unique workflow with the carefully selected feature set. Tila is still in beta, so expect even more goodness in the future!

  • Wiki-style documentation

    Documentation is separated from the tasks, so it doesn't get archived too early.

  • Simple, atomic tasks

    Task adding is quick and easy with the all-keyboard task management.

  • Personal notes

    Add notes to remember important things and to pin content to your dashboard.

  • User control

    Centralized user management is available for company accounts.

  • Kanban boards

    Create a unique workflow using multiple custom kanban boards.

  • My dashboard

    See all your important stuff in one destination.

  • Visual statistics

    Track your project progress visually and without hassle.

  • Cool integrations

    Expect some really cool integrations just around the corner.

  • A tool that scales with your projectUse one page for a small project, or scale up with sub pages. Pages are ideal for following important parts of the project, such as features, releases or epics. Track tasks separately for each page to see the big picture.

  • Keyboard-loving task managementAdd tasks just by clicking and writing, no large popups here. Add assignees by @mention and #hashtags for easy discovery. You can even use autocomplete to add +status:doing (or just use the kanban board, it's up to you really).

  • Take notes efficientlyEvery task list is accompanied by a notes section. If something is not quite a task yet, you can add it here and convert it to a task later. Also handy for taking personal notes.

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