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We went to Websummit

It was a great joy for our team to attend Websummit 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.

The summit gathered an incredible 20 000 people in Dublin to network, talk about tech and drink the famous Guinness beer. The streets were full of people with pink badges, getting a taxi near the venue was quite impossible and the official pubs were overcrowded. And we had so much fun!

During our stay we met dozens of incredibly talented people, heard inspiring talks and even had a chance to exhibit our product at our own stand as part of the Alpha Program.

The benefit of exhibiting there was the chance to meet different people, talk about the product and gather an amazing amount of feedback. As we all are bit of a startup rookies despite the lengthy curriculum vitaes, it was a great opportunity to work on our pitch talks as well.

What we noticed in the beginning was that all the people we met were very friendly and nice, willing to hand out an advice or two. So if you are planning to attend some year, remember to come prepared but don’t stress out, you’ll learn in the process.

Pictured is our stand, and everyone from the team got to make an appearance. The developers were networking like pros as seen below.

Ask anyone, the best part of the summit was definitely the Night Summit and the Pub Crawls. The opportunity to have relaxed conversations and meet with all the startup people was invaluable. We even met with someone again back at Finland!

We didn’t really have strict goals for the summit, except to have fun, learn and gather feedback, being in such an early stage with the product. What we got in addition was some great contacts for the next steps in the backlog. With the gathered feedback we could also tighten the target audience a bit, leaving some user groups out of the scope for now as they have good enough solutions already.

The best thing about the discussions was obviously to meet the people who really loved the idea and the product, that will keep us going for a few months!