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Release notes

We're posting release notes to keep you updated on the new features and bug fixes. Releases are often scheduled on Sundays. Make sure to check back for the new shiny things now and then.

Upcoming release

In the next release we are planning to publish:

  • Custom boards for organizing and reporting purposes
  • Kanban board filtering
  • Some mass-editing features for your convenience
  • Even more dashboard content to get you started with it
  • Open up our development Slack channel for you to join and talk to the creators, we'd love to hear your feedback and let you know what we are working on!

Release 2016-05-22

This was a pretty long iteration cycle, but believe that we haven't been lazying around. We have been busy working on a major update on organizing and reporting tasks and workloads. More on that on the next update!

  • Hotfixes on updating views - main status kanban will now auto-update when creating a new task from the page header
  • Testing out keyboard shortcuts, try pressing t, c or n when not in edit mode - remember that you can cancel any editing by pressing Esc, and save by pressing Enter (tasks and notes) or Shift+Enter (documentation)
  • We have also updated the main font (the new font takes slightly less vertical space allowing more content on smaller screens) - let us know what you think!

Release 2016-01-14

  • Inbox is now live!
    • add tasks from the top header from any view - these tasks go to inbox page (and you can organize them later)
    • tasks from the project page have also been moved to inbox, we'll add more project-related info here later
    • We're planning on adding some integrations, this is a first step for that functionality as well

Release 2015-12-13

  • Attaching images to tasks is now available
    • upload image from task menu (drag and drop coming later, though)
    • click image to see large preview
    • download original image from preview menu (on the bottom left corner)
    • remove image from preview menu

Release 2015-11-04

  • We've been working hard to release all kinds of image goodness, uploading a custom avatar is the first image feature released

Release 2015-09-11

  • Our development Slack channel is now open to anyone interested. Request an invitation to make feature requests, file bugs and just generally chat with the developers!

Release 2015-07-12

  • Editable kanban board: add, remove and rename kanban lanes on the default status board (project settings)
  • Project settings page will have all sorts of options in the future
  • Starring projects: pin the projects you're actively collaborating in and quickly navigate between them using the top menu
  • Hot keys are here! Hit space while hovering on top of a task to assign or unassign it to yourself
  • Powerful user control features for the company admins:
    • see who's in your company and what their current status is
    • see all the external users in your company's projects
    • add and remove users from the company account settings

Release 2015-06-01

New stuff incoming! We've been working hard to publish some awaited new features. This update includes:

  • My dashboard: see all your tasks in a handy list on your dashboard, which will later have lots of cool things to make your work days easier!
  • Kanban view now displays the amount of tasks in each column
  • Statistics: keep track on the project content with more robust statistics, see for example:
  • Kanban status for the whole project
  • Work load of individual project members
  • All page content in a handy graph
  • Task amounts by tag

Release 2015-05-03

Long time, no see. We are thrilled to release this major update to the user interface of Tila.

Since we have been adding a range of new features, such as tag groups (kanban) and focus mode (pomodoro), the UI desperately needed an upgrade. And finally here goes, hope you like it and give us feedback in case anything went south.

  • The entire UI has been redesigned to be more intuitive, logical and consistent
  • The main menu is still in the top left corner, linking to account settings and release information
  • Projects link leads to the list of all your projects as before
  • Top navigation now provides access to search and invite functions for the selected project
  • Hashtag list opens from the hashtag icon in the center and the list links to the hashtag page
  • Full text search is disabled for now, it's still in progress
  • Invite link opens the member list as before, only now with a text label
  • Main menu now displays only the page hierarchy list, which is the most important navigation in the app
  • Show or hide the navigation from the small arrow in the top right border
  • Kanban and focus links have been moved to the header on the right, displaying the current selected page in different modes: plan view enables documentation and notes as well as the ordered task list, kanban view shows the tasks in columns, focus mode shows your assigned tasks one by one from the list
  • Kanban mode is dependent on the main navigation level shown in the breadcrumbs, showing all tasks under the selected page and its subpages
  • Navigate to the project index page to see all tasks in kanban view
  • Try creating pages for certain features or sprints and use the kanban view to work on one thing at a time
  • Update the kanban status from the list view using the dropdown list
  • Focus mode now works in hashtag pages, later in all modes
  • Try assigning and ordering the tasks on a hashtag page, the use the focus mode to finish them off in pomodoros

Release 2015-04-12

This major release adds new functionality as an experimental feature: tag groups are tags which can have multiple values. For example status tag has values backlog, doing and done. Tag group tasks can be viewed as separate pages or as kanban board columns.

The updates include:

  • See the example tag group (status) in the side navigation, navigate to the kanban view (click +status) or see the lists separately (click values)
  • Move tasks between columns by dragging and dropping, reorder tasks (the order is always limited to context so every page saves its own task order)
  • Use tag groups from keyboard by typing plus sign (+), select correct tag and value from the appearing autocomplete list
  • Update tag group values from any page (not just the kanban view) using the value dropdown list or typing the group name and value again as text
  • Hashtags are now kept in the text context (Twitter style), so you can also use them in the middle of the sentence – and navigation to the tag list is still easy and fast from the side panel

This is just a proof of concept for tag groups, so major upgrades will become available later. We're planning to make the groups custom, so you can add your own kanban views. Upcoming project templates will also have great default values for tag groups in different types of projects.

Release 2015-04-09

A minor release for new company features. See changelog below:

  • Inviting company members to a new project is easier than ever –just start writing a name or email to get a filtered list of people
  • Company members are now added to the projects automatically when invited – external users still need to accept the invitation from the invitation email
  • Company invite links straight to the Projects view so that you can start adding new projects right away

Release 2015-03-22

This is a minor release for fixing some of the most asked for features. Writing Markdown is now easier than before using the cheat sheet as a reference. Also, dragging tasks to sidebar page list from tag page is now enabled (adding a task from tag list automatically adds the current tag for the task and the task appears to the front page of the project).

  • Added a cheat sheet for basic Markdown notations and added styles for new elements
  • Dragging a task to sidebar page list from tag page is now possible - a great workflow for moving tasks to relevant pages when added from the tag page
  • Assign tasks by clicking the user avatar - instead of writing a mention, you can also click the placeholder avatar and select the assignee from a list
  • Added a reports view showing the amount of tasks, notes and pages in a project - a trend view will also become available later
  • Member list style was updated and is now shown in every page - so keep inviting those folks and now it's even easier!

Next thing we're working on is implementing tag groups that will allow more robust tagging for sprints, milestones and statuses that have predefined values rather than a single tag label.

Release 2015-03-15

Based on the feedback, we're making a minor release to patch some missing features on organizing pages and also to make dragging and dropping more intuitive than before. The release includes:

  • The possibility to reorder existing pages by dropping them to the side navigation - you can still move tasks and notes to other pages as well by dragging them to the page list
  • UI updates for dragging and dropping that should make sorting and organizing things more intuitive
  • Unique avatars for those not using the Gravatar service - uploading a custom avatar will become available later
  • Various small bug fixes

Let us know what you think by using the feedback feature or dropping an email to

Follow Tila in Twitter for the latest news and have a great day!